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Everything you put on your body has an energetic vibration.

When you wear items with the correct vibration for your Energy Type, you allow your truth to come forward easily. Instead of being at odds with yourself, everything works together to support your true energy.

“Can therapeutic gemstones help me live my truth?”

Therapeutic gemstones may seem “hippy-dippy” or far-out to some, but I like to categorize them in the realm of the universe' tools. The universe created many tools from nature, whether they’re herbs, oils, food, or therapeutic gemstones. All of these are a part of nature’s pharmacy, and nature knows how to create restoration and healing.

Therapeutic gemstones work with your personal energy system without your thinking mind getting in the way.

I will bring all of the materials. :)

up to a group of 3

90 minutes- $180

each additional person (max of 6)- $50